Ariel Stinks Drop by Jill Miller

23 Jan, 2023

Ariel Stinks Drop by Jill Miller

Check out the hilarious and fascinating new work of our very own Jill Miller!

Ariel Stinks (50 Alternative Album Covers to Thrash and Burn) is an alternative to litigation. Launching in January 2023, the series will be available in three ways:

  • An NFT drop curated by Margarita Kuleva through the curatorial forum TAEX
  • A photography book with an essay and 50 images of the alternative album covers
  • A free digital album cover to replace the existing cover on your electronic music platforms.

The album covers are in response to the Thrash and Burn cover emblazoned with Jill Miller's unauthorized image. Working in collaboration with artificial intelligence software, Professor Jill Miller created a series of images that use humor and parody to address the original cover’s violations to personal rights and offenses to good taste.