Andrea Horbinski at CasaCon22

06 Jan, 2023

Andrea Horbinski at CasaCon22

At CasaCon22 convention this December, Andrea Horbinski presented "What You Watch Is What You Are? Early Anime and Manga Fandom in the United States". How did anime and manga first enter U.S. fandom, and what kinds of fans were watching “Japanimation” and why? Andrea Horbinski explores the early days of anime and manga fandom in the United States in the 1970s and 1980s.

‌Andrea wanted to share the two videos that she played in her talk: the first, the dubbed opening of Astro Boy (the first comment is from someone who sang in the chorus for the song!); and the second, the footage from the 1982 meeting of the C/FO Los Angeles chapter. You can also read the article she wrote about early anime and manga fandom.

‌Learn more about her work here.