Hannah Zeavin on the Composite Case

29 Nov, 2022

Hannah Zeavin on the Composite Case

Founder of Parapraxis magazine, Hannah Zeavin, is a scholar, writer, and editor whose work centers on the history of human sciences (psychoanalysis, psychology, and psychiatry), the history of technology, feminist STS, and media theory.

Parapraxis educates about psychoanalytic theory and practice and provides a concrete way for readers and writers to work through their psychic life by way of the written word.

In this article, Hannah Zeavin talks about "The fate of the Children of Psychoanalysis". What is "Child Psychoanalysis"? Child analysis is a form of treatment and research which uses the play of children to help them with their problems. The goal is to aid children - and their parents - to understand their feelings and behaviors and get their development back on track. As the child gets older and moves toward and into adolescence, the therapy involves less play and more talking.

From the article:

By 1910, Sigmund Freud had completed some forty articles and several of his famous books. His laboratory was not just the clinic but the home. These spaces materially overlapped, with the salon adjoining a family bedroom, and the waiting room through the wall of the salon...

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