Announcing Our 2022 Undergraduate Cohort

28 Nov, 2022

Announcing Our 2022 Undergraduate Cohort

Please join us in welcoming our 2022 cohort of Undergraduate Certificate in New Media students! Our incoming cohort studies Environmental Science, Policy, and Management, Computer Science, Media Studies, Math, Art, Cognitive Science, Data Science, Economics and more!

Ava Tung (Environmental Science, Policy, and Management)

Ava is an artist, studying Conservation and Resource Studies with an emphasis on Global Environmental Issues and Advocacy. Acknowledging that arts necessarily hold a place in community advocacy, Ava joined a student art collective named We Are Changing Kulture, or WACK, that uses community research methods such as interviews to explore and question sociological norms. Ava is now interested in exploring new media artistic forms.

Debleena Chatterjee (Cognitive Science)

As a student with an interdisciplinary background in technology, cognition, the social sciences, and design, Debleena is deeply curious about the intersections of new media within each of these fields. Debleena has received a Certificate in Entrepreneurship and TEchnology through the Sutardja Center and has designed equitable HealthTech products as a Fung Health + Tech Innovation Fellow.

Emily Evans (Media Studies)

Emily is a Canadian student at the University of British Columbia, hoping to engage with the international media research community while at Berkeley. Through Emily's current academic pursuits, Emily has been most interested in studying digital culture and its profound implications on global societies. With a background in architecture and design, Emily has previously researched how new media plays a role in the shaping of virtual spaces, and how these spaces are increasingly changing the way we has humans design and perceive our personal environments.

Isabel Li (College of Letters and Sciences)

Isabel (they/she) is an artist, designer, engineer, and current third-year undergraduate, studying a cocktail mix of computer science, design, entrepreneurship, and -- most recently -- new media. Their strongest academic interests lie in human-computer interaction, designing for creativity, civic technology, and social networks, but they always welcome a conversation in queer digital media, fandom spaces, and educational tools. Isabel is here to engender creativity(!) and uplift underserved communities through their work.

Joellene Yap (Media Studies / Data Science)

As a woman majoring in a STEM field, Joellene was empowered by courses in cybernetics and cybercultures, and focused her concentration on Digital Studies. Joellene is interested in renegotiating and reworking the existing relationships we have with the more popular forms of digital media today: to be more inclusive of historically underrepresented groups. She has interned at NBC on consumer insights, including collaborating on research design, research surveys,
analyzing results and writing reports and presentations to support data-driven decisions.

Karen He (Economics, Media Studies)

Karen is a junior majoring in Economics and Media Studies with a concentration in Digital Studies interested in the intersection between technology, behavioral economics, and digital marketing. She is fascinated by how emerging new media technologies are increasingly changing human-computer interactions and are reconfiguring notions of identity, representation, and culture. She is excited to join BCNM and hopes to explore how the design and format of user interfaces may enhance storytelling and experiences within the digital media spheres.

Kelsey Choe (Media Studies)

Kelsey Choe is a media studies major with a concentration in digital studies, interested in talking about the future of technology and designing communities in virtual social spaces. With a background in visual design, 3D modeling/animation, and media theory, she seeks to create new visions for our growing virtual social ecosystem through historical lenses of queer culture, decolonized approaches, and history of science & technology writing. Kelsey hopes to become more involved with code and software programming that reimagines human experience with digital interfaces in creative ways and collaborative/research writing about the socio-cultural implications of technology.

Kira Kutcher (Media Studies)

Kira Kutcher is a Media Studies major with a focus on Digital Studies, interested in exploring forms of new media like digital media and social media as spaces and agents for asserting, creating, and engaging with individual identities, affinities, and communities. Kira seeks to gain knowledge about ways to engage with new media as a queer, decolonial, and feminist practice of becoming, embodying, visualizing, and asserting individual identity and affinities through visual and digital artistic forms of new media and interface aesthetics.

Lily Wieland (Media Studies, Conservation in Global Studies)

Lily Weiland has first-hand experience of the dangers of misinformation and is now a Media Studies major to learn how media positively and negatively affects our society. Lily is particularly interested in continuing to explore mis/dis-information and to consider how to combat these issues in society today.

Omeed Etemadi (Media Studies)

Omeed is a Media Studies major with a concentration in Digital Studies and has taken numerous new media courses across campus. Omeed is interested in how we can work together to create new inclusive media, to be representative of the multitude of identities present in our modern era, and how we can be ethical in both the media we create as well as the technologies we use to create it. Omeed is looking forward to working alongside open minded creative individuals.

Silayan Camson (Media Studies)

Silayan Camson is a Media Studies major, interested in journalism surrounding underrepresented communities. Silayan is the Editor-in-Chief of m}aganda Magazine, where previously Silayan explored website design platforms to create a digital archive. Silayan is also staff writer for Berkeley B-Side, and has worked on the Sounds of Berkeley program. Exploring digital archiving and new media processes has allowed Silayan to see more generative and healing paths of community storytelling.

Skylar Chen (Media Studies)

Skylar is a Media Studies major interested in new art forms, handcrafts, and technology as a means of connection. Skylar has already taken courses in Digital Projects and Storytelling, and Virtual Communities and Social Media and has served as a Digital Marketing intern in the past.

Teoman Tezcan (Political Economy and Mathematics)

Teoman Tezcan is a Political Economy and Mathematics major interested the impact of new media on the economy and politics via novel forms of advertising and manufacturing demand and consent. Teoman has served as a researcher at the Hrant Dink Foundation on a Hate Speech Project. Teoman has also interned at YR Media, the youth desk of NPR, writing articles about new media featured online, and often re-aired on KQED.

Xiaowen Yuan (Computer Science and Cognitive Science)

Xiaowen has been undertaking research with Haripriya Sathyanarayanan, helping her project on co-design opportunities in the virtual medical space. Xiaowen has also done research on privacy education games for children with autism and AI gender bias education games, and continues to be interested in the potential of serious games to inform and educate the public.