Announcing the 2023 Eugene Jarvis Recipient

17 Nov, 2022

Announcing the 2023 Eugene Jarvis Recipient

In 2015, a generous gift by game developer Eugene Jarvis established the Eugene Jarvis Media Innovation Scholarship, in support of undergraduate students learning to critically analyze and help shape developments in new media.

Recognizing that education has become increasingly expensive and that students as a result are motivated to make educational decisions based on future job prospects, Jarvis hopes to promote intellectual exploration. “The undergraduate experience is the most formative in education,” Eugene Jarvis has said. “It’s the one time in your life you have an open mind and are absorbing knowledge while trying to find your mission on earth […] College is the ultimate kickstarter. I want to give students the freedom to learn the tools that will allow them to make something of their lives.”

This year, the Jarvis Scholarship has been awarded to Victor Tze and Winnona Li!

From Victor:

Victor Tze is an architecture student and environmental educator at UC Berkeley's College of Environmental Design. With minors in Sustainable Design, Environmental Design and Urbanism in Developing Countries, and Food Systems, he is passionate about reversing the climate crisis and socioenvironmental injustices through regenerative design. Currently, Victor teaches the student-run DeCal course titled Living Futures: Regenerative Environmental Design which explores net-positive design and socioenvironmental justice through the lens of the Living Building Challenge and Living Community Challenge. Victor also serves as Co-President and Board Member of the organization Sustainable Housing at California (SHAC) where he spearheads its consulting practice as Director of Consulting. Previously within SHAC, Victor had the roles of Building Design and Construction Lead and Social Media Officer as well.

"Having received the Berkeley Certificate in Design Innovation, I am extremely grateful for the Eugene Jarvis Scholarship for supporting me and other students in our endeavors in fearless innovation for good. Thank you so much!"

From Winnona:

Thank you so much for selecting me for the Eugene Jarvis Media Innovation fellowship! I am so grateful for the financial support that is going towards continuing my education in architecture and disability studies. As someone who supports themselves fully financially, this fellowship has meant a lot to me and has allowed me to focus on my academics and has significantly lessened my stress with financial demands. I am so honored to have been chosen for this scholarship and am looking forward to carrying out what I learn about innovative design and its application to the intersections of architecture and disability studies.