Hannah Zeavin Launches Parapraxis

16 Nov, 2022

Hannah Zeavin Launches Parapraxis

Parapraxis was founded by Hannah Zeavin, a scholar, writer, and editor whose work centers on the history of human sciences (psychoanalysis, psychology, and psychiatry), the history of technology, feminist STS, and media theory.

A parapraxis is a psychoanalytically oriented supplement to the existing venues of radical critique and historical materialism. Critically aware of the limits of psychoanalytic thinking and institutions, the magazine includes reviews, reported pieces, columns on culture and social movements, and thematic clusters of feature essays. The magazine will close each issue with a meditation on a historical, theoretical, or practical blunder from within the psychoanalytic tradition, either committed by Freud himself or those who have thought and practiced in his name.

Parapraxis exists not merely to educate about psychoanalytic theory and practice, but also to provide a concrete way for readers and writers to work through their psychic life by way of the written word.

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