BCNM at ACM 2022

26 Oct, 2022

BCNM at ACM 2022

UC Berkeley Professors Eric Paulos and Bjoern Hartmann will be part of the 7th annual ACM Symposium on Computational Fabrication will that gathers experts and enthusiasts from many areas of academia and industry to explore the use of computational tools for the creation of physical things. SCF provides a venue for participants to discuss cutting-edge results, cross-pollinate ideas, and strengthen interdisciplinary connections and collaborations. The conference events will take the course over three days, and will hold keynote addresses, demos, and technical paper presentations!

Eric Paulos will be giving a keynote talk on "Plastic Dynamism: Delightful Decomposition, Destruction, Decay, Deformation, and Digestive Designs" on the first day of the three-day-long SCF event.

Bjoern Hartmann will be giving a paper presentation on "Computational Support for Multiplicity in Hierarchical Electronics Design" with Richard Lin, Rohit Ramesh, Prabal Dutta, and Ankur Mehta. The group will also be giving a Demo of "Hierarchical Computational Design of Board-Level Electronics" at the event.

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