Pua Case Transcript and Video Now Online

20 Oct, 2022

Pua Case Transcript and Video Now Online

Revisit this great event with Pua Case on Mauna Kea!

Pua Case and her family, the Flores-Case ʻOhana are Native Hawaiian activists and caretakers who are an integral part of the Mauna Kea Movement. Through her organization, Mauna Kea Education and Awareness, she and her daughters, Hāwane Rios and Kapulei Flores are committed to ensuring that Mauna Kea is a “presence” on a local and world wide scale and to do their part to protect the mountain from further desecration and destruction. As mother and daughters, they are featured in the short film Standing Above the Clouds, which highlights the intergenerational role of women in the Mauna Kea ʻOhana as they stand together in courage and strength to safeguard the sacred.

Check out the event description here, the transcript here and the video below!