Queering Digital Culture

05 Oct, 2022

Queering Digital Culture

Join Emma Fraser this Spring 2023 for Queering Digital Culture! This great class explores what it means to “Queer” digital culture, both as a retrospective, looking back, and as a present and future focus.

Queering Digital Cultures reviews the Queer history of digital and new media, including well-documented communities and works and neglected or revised histories that have begun to feature in recent scholarship. Through Queering as both a conceptual framework and a mode of inquiry, students will consider early new media works; cyberspaces; online communities; fan cultures; video games, and other media as part of a process of ‘Queering’ digital culture. Students will analyse and interpret contemporary digital cultural practices using Queer theory, not only through LGBTQI+ themes but with a focus on the digital form itself.

Don't miss out! You can enroll under class 19711. Queering Digital Cultures takes place on Thursdays from 2-5pm.