Inserting Intersectionality and Blackness in Comics

16 Sep, 2022

Inserting Intersectionality and Blackness in Comics

"Teaching with Comics" gathers findings based on empirical research in classrooms in primary and secondary education. It focuses on the use of comics as a tool for enquiry in a variety of disciplinary backgrounds and geographical contexts, offering perspectives from educational researchers, teachers and comic artists with experience of working in the classroom.

Alum Grace Gipson's BlackFemaleIdentityConstructions: Inserting Intersectionality and Blackness in Comics asserts that it's important to further explore the relationship of such intersectional themes as race, gender, and class with comics and how they can be incorporated into the classroom curriculum. A specific focus on Black female storylines is infrequent and missing. Characters worthy of critical analysis include Marvel Comics Misty Knight, DC Comics Amanda Waller, Marvel Comics Shuri and Lunella Lafayette/Moon Girl, Dark Horse Comics Martha Washington, and Marvel Comics the Dora Milaje. The chapter introduces the creation of the hashtag syllabus as a teaching tool and how it facilitates a dialogue regarding curriculum development that centers Blackness and intersectionality in comics, more specifically Black female voices and their respective character storylines.

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