BCNM Around the Web September

01 Sep, 2022

BCNM Around the Web September

Check out the great work of our faculty and alumni around the web this September!

Emma Fraser

Emma will speak at Historical Game Network's Environment on September 14th. This year's theme, environment, aims to explore enironments of historical games and the intersection between gameplay, narrative, and the environment.

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In late August, Emma featured as a speaker for Manny's "Gaming the End of the World: Post-Apocalyptic Cities in Video Games". The event addressed the role gaming has in shaping society, how videogames help create the imagery of the future, and what post-apocalyptic cities in videogames represent on a larger scale?

Learn more about the event here!

Jen Schradie

Jen will be speaking at Unfinished Live x McCourt//Institute's "The Future of Digital Governance", an exclusive event dedicated to positively shape the next digital era and discuss how tech will be regulated in the next generation.

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