BCNM Around the Web August 2022

12 Aug, 2022

BCNM Around the Web August 2022

Check out the great work of our students, faculty, and alumni around the web this August!

Ken Goldberg

Ken Goldberg's ongoing research on training robots to perform precise surgical tasks was featured in IEEE this month, in an article entitled "Robot Outperforms a Surgeon in a Precision Training Task, The feat brings us one step closer to fully automated surgeries"

From the Article:

“We were very surprised by the robot’s speed and accuracy, as it is very hard to surpass the skill of a trained human surgeon,” says Ken Goldberg

Read the article here.

Goldberg's team resarch on world models to train robots to walk was featured in AIM India: "This Robot used Dreamer Algorithm to learn walking in 60 minutes"

Read the article here.

Grace Gipson

Grace Gipson's work on creating inclusive learning environments was highlighted this month in an article about participants of the LIL (Leaders for Inclusive Learning) program and training at Virgina Common Wealth Univeristy.

From the article:

"“Not all students are open to engaging in the classroom. It can be intimidating. One-on-one conversations allow professors to get to know their students in a way that can be more comfortable than a large classroom,” Gipson said.

In the past, Gipson offered office hours and would speak informally with her students, but after reconsidering her syllabus with the lens of inclusive learning, she devised a new system. Students were offered additional points for one-on-one meetings. Over half the class took Gipson up on the opportunity, a significant increase from past semesters."

Read the article here.

Jen Schradie

Jen Schradie will give a lecture as part of an event dedicated to "the Future of Digital Governance" on Wednesday, September 21, as part of Unfinished Live hosted by the the McCourt Institute. Event participants will engage with the topic of positively shaping the next digital era and anticipation of how tech will be regulated in the Web3 generation.

Check out the event details here.