In the Flickering Light

08 Aug, 2022

In the Flickering Light

BCNM faculty Hannah Zeavin speaks on the development of digital technology over the decades from film photography to the television in her new article for The New York Review, In the Flickering Light.

From the article:

These images come like the beads of a rosary. Sometimes they cluster around a theme, something the algorithm can recognize: veils, the round shape of a baby, mealtime. Other times I can’t detect a theme, although they’re my private jpegs. They don’t need to cohere, they make a ritual, a clock, regardless of who took them, when they were taken, or where. Sometimes they wound: dead friends, old apartments. Worse is when they are degraded by association with my digital detritus, outtakes and errors woven in. A photograph of a photograph, screenshots, a face out of focus. Together, high and low, stripped of context, these images can shock all the more for being out of order.

This is the punctum of the digital.

Check out the article here!