The United States in Collapse

06 Aug, 2022

The United States in Collapse

Gail De Kosnik published an article on "The United States in Collapse" for the Buffet Institute for Global Affairs. In the article Gail discusses how living in the United States during this pandemic is experiencing Collapse now with radical discontinuity, and the necessity of learning ways of doing, thinking, and being that diverge sharply from previous norms.

From the article:

Sometime in the late 2000s, I invented a game called Apocalypse vs. Apocalypse. The rules are simple: two or more people sit together and each proposes a different apocalypse—for example, a cataclysmic flood buries entire countries, zombies walk the Earth, a gigantic meteor crashes, robots gain consciousness and try to wipe out their human bosses, an incurable plague spreads, nuclear war breaks out, or hostile aliens arrive—and then speculate about how the apocalypses would play out, in tandem or in conflict with one another. Maybe human survivors fighting zombies would stand a better chance in a massive flooding scenario because zombies wouldn’t know how to seek higher ground? Or maybe governments would use nuclear missiles to fight aliens which would cause a generations-long nuclear winter?

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