Data & Truth with danah boyd

05 Aug, 2022

Data & Truth with danah boyd

Hear alum danah boyd speak about data and truth on the podcast Gnovis with Huseyn Panahov!

From the description:

The topic of this episode is data and truth. There is a popular saying that we live in a data driven world? But where is data driving us? According to some estimates the amount of data generated over the next 3 years will be more than the amount of data created over the past 30 years. We have immersed ourselves in zettabytes of data to minimize uncertainty, make sense of the world around us and validate every step we take. But how reliable is all this data and can it really help us find the truth? In this episode we look for the answers to this and other questions with prominent scholar Prof danah boyd, whose research examines the intersection between technology and society. She’s a partner researcher at Microsoft, the founder of the well-known non-profit research institute Data & Society, as well as a Distinguished Visiting Professor at Georgetown University, where she taught a graduate course on Data and Politics of Evidence.

Listen to the episode here.