Hannah Zeavin on the Power of Teletherapy

22 Jul, 2022

Hannah Zeavin on the Power of Teletherapy

In 'Just Use the telephone, please,' R.H. Cohen interviews Hannah Zeavin on her book The Distance Cure for Public Books! Hannah's book has won a slate of awards and cemented her place as a leading voice on technology and the mind sciences.

From the interview:

I started working on the project in 2013. Talkspace ads were just starting to blanket the New York City subway. And I didn’t only want to write a book about our recent history. In fact, it was the reverse. I knew I needed to write about computational therapy and e-therapy, and, in part, that was to excuse the fact that I would have been very happy to talk about 1890 Vienna and Berlin and letters for hundreds of pages.

Read the interview here.