Adam and Zack Khalil Transcript & Video Now Online

12 Jul, 2022

Adam and Zack Khalil Transcript & Video Now Online

Revisit this great event with Adam and Zack Khalil on "Culture capture, additive defacement, and other tactics towards realizing Indigenous futures.”

Zack and Adam Khalil's talk shares excerpts of new, old, and unfinished work that specifically relates to exploring the nuanced and complicated relationship between Indigenous epistemologies and settler-colonial institutions that produce knowledge. Ranging from more material concerns, such as the return and respectful reburial of ancestors to the communities they are from, to the more esoteric, presenting the concept of Savage Philosophy and how it could be a helpful tool in realizing 'crimes against reality'. Informed by a process founded in Indigenous ways of gathering information - illuminating an issue from multiple angles before forming a thesis or argument or making a decision - their presentation will shine a light on how the history of science and colonialism form a double helix bind onto Indigenous epistemologies, while also presenting technological tactics for realizing Indigenous futures.

Check out the transcript here and the video below!