Taking Aim at Gun Violence

09 Jul, 2022

Taking Aim at Gun Violence

Camille Crittenden's article "Taking Aim at Gun Violence" was published first on the Berkeley Blog and later reposted on LA Progressive. Camille makes an important intervention in the conversation around how to reduce gun violence by focusing on possible engineering efforts that can support education and enforcement. She asks, How might engineers, computer scientists and technologists engage more actively in creating solutions? Or curbing the harm enabled by tools we’ve developed for more benign purposes?

From the article:

Clearly technological fixes alone will be ineffective to reduce gun violence without accompanying policies to enable them. A durable means to address loss of life and livelihoods due to guns will require a “whole of society” approach: change in attitudes about gun ownership, stronger regulation from the government and private companies, and the will to enforce it. But technologists and engineers can play a role to use their ingenuity and innovative drive to address this epidemic.

Read the article here.

Read the LA Progressive article here.