Abigail De Kosnik Mercator Fellow at Goethe University

07 Jul, 2022

Abigail De Kosnik Mercator Fellow at Goethe University

Abigail De Kosnik has been named a Mercator Fellow at Goethe University in Frankfurt!

The aim of the graduate school is to contribute to the development of research approaches for the next generation of film and media research by training excellent young researchers. The college bundles the subject-specific competencies in Frankfurt and combines philosophy, theater studies , musicology and American studies, as well as the neighboring locations of Mainz , Marburg, Mannheim and Offenbacha.

As part of her fellowship, Gail will be presenting a hybrid lecture on July 11th!

From the description: The future is in crisis. Futurist thinking, including ordinary personal life planning, has become fraught for billions of people due to ongoing pandemic, climate change, political extremism, and the threat of world war. Apart from these global catastrophes, many individual minority youth (Black, brown, and LGTBTQ+ teens, and girls living in strict religious households) have experienced oppressive conditions that rendered futurity challenging to the point of unthinkability. In this lecture, I will discuss several cases of young people using media fandom and piracy to imagine future selves and future lives despite severe constraints related to their identities and orientations.

Check it out here!