BCNM Around the Web June 2022

01 Jul, 2022

BCNM Around the Web June 2022

Check out the great work of our students, faculty, and alumni around the web this June!

Ra Malika Imhotep

Ra was part of a panel discussion on Disability + Mad Studies, as part of "Then You Don't Want Me": Canonizing Gayl Jones, a virtual symposium".

The symposium, started in Spring 2022, celebrates and recognizes the work of Gayl Jones, while promising to both "deepen and trouble" the canon of African American women’s literature and Black feminism. The panel discussions brought together scholars from across disciplines, placing value on interdisciplinarity and the mixed methods of various fields of study.

Take a look the virtual symposium website here!

Kevin Lo

In mid-June, DROUGHT SPA (Kevin Lo & alex cruse) perfromed at Re:Sound SUN.

Re:sound is an experimental audio visual series exploring the relationship between forgotten spaces, the natural environment, and sound abstraction. The series now takes place in Building 34 in the Historic Core of the former Mare Island Naval Shipyard. Building 34 is a warehouse space beneath the craneways next to the old dry dock on the Napa River Waterfron

DROUGHT SPA is an Oakland-based interdisciplinary research platform and performative experiment. Since 2014, Kevin and alex have utilized generative visuals, sensing-technologies, stochastic synthesis, and other technologies to explore issues in state violence, biometric surveilance, human/nonhuman ontologies, logistics, and the built environment.

Take a look at the event page here!

Damon Young

Damon co-organized the international symposium "Reshaping our Digital Interactions: Subjectivity in the Post-Cinema Age" in Paris at Reid Hall/Columbia University.

The symposium aims to question the aesthetic, psychic and political issues of the rapid transformation of technologies and digital platforms, by confronting different critical diagnoses and by examining artistic experiments in the era of "post-cinema".

Take a look at the event page here!

Hannah Zeavin

Upcoming on July 9th, Hannah will be participating in a panel discussion Parapraxis Conversations: On "The Maternal." Part of a recurring lecture series centered on keywords in psychosocial thought.

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On September 25, Hannah Zeavin will be giving a presentation on the topic of "Family as Haven?" as part of the Parapraxis Seminar "The Family Problem".

Alenda Chang

Alenda Chang was part of a Panel Discussion on Games and the Environment as part of "Digital Societ @ Manchester Met", a biennial series of events exploring the impact of an increasingly digital society on play, research methods, politics, arts and the environment.

Check out the event website here!

Jane McGonigal

Jane was part of a webinar entitled "The Art of Insubordination: How to Dissent and Defy Effectively - Todd Kashdan, Ph.D. + Jane McGonigal, Ph.D."

The presentation provided a guidebook for anyone seeking constructive influence when making change and rebelling against an unhealthy status quo.

Find a link to the event description here!

Jen Schradie

Jen Schradie's thoughts on Digital Activism were noted in an article entitled "How photos tell the story of war in Ukraine" published on the WDET radio website by Nick Austin.

“Digital activists, in particular,” says Schradie, “who are really able to sustain high levels of digital engagement are part of movements that are organized, that are resourced, that have a division of labor. And if we just rely on individuals…we’re not really going to be able to sustain our ability to engage with social injustices around the world.”

Read the entire article here!