Michelle Carney on Bringing ML and UX Together

15 Jun, 2022

Michelle Carney on Bringing ML and UX Together

Alum Michelle Carney speaks to the Experiencing Data podcast about her mission to bring machine learning and user interface design together.

The Experiencing Data podcast is run by Brian T. O'Neill, the Founder and Principal of Designing for Analytics.

From the description:

Michelle Carney began her career in the worlds of neuroscience and machine learning where she worked on the original Python Notebooks. As she fine-tuned ML models and started to notice discrepancies in the human experience of using these models, her interest turned towards UX. Michelle discusses how her work today as a UX researcher at Google impacts her work with teams leveraging ML in their applications. She explains how her interest in the crossover of ML and UX led her to start MLUX, a collection of meet-up events where professionals from both data science and design can connect and share methods and ideas. MLUX now hosts meet-ups in several locations as well as virtually.

Listen to the podcast here!