BCNM at CHI 2022

13 Apr, 2022

BCNM at CHI 2022

The 2022 ACM CHI Virtual Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems is the premier international conference on Human-Computer Interaction. This year's CHI theme is "Concretizing the Material and Epistemological Practices of Unmaking in HCI". We're thrilled so many BCNM members were selected to participate in panels, workshops, and paper presentations at this year's conference. If you didn't get a chance to see all of them, the panels with our students, faculty, and alumni are now online.

A Sociocultural Explanation of Internet-Enabled Work in Rural Regions

Zoe Kahn, University of California, Berkeley

Jenna Burrell, University of California, Berkeley

Predicting and Explaining Mobile UI Tappability with Vision Modeling and Saliency Analysis

Bjoern Hartmann, UC Berkeley

Eldon Schoop, University of California, Berkeley

Gang Li, Google Research

Xin Zhou, Google Research

Zhourong Chen, Google Research

Yang Li, Google Research

GeneratiVR: Spatial Interactions in Virtual Reality to Explore Generative Design Spaces

Bjoern Hartmann, UC Berkeley

Nicholas Jennings, University of California, Berkeley

Xinyi Zhu, Master of Design

Fanping Sui, UC Berkeley

Ananya Nandy, University of California, Berkeley

Yuting Wang, University of California

James Smith, University of California, Berkeley

WebTransceiVR: Asymmetrical Communication Between Multiple VR and Non-VR Users Online

Haohua Lyu, University of California, Berkeley

Qianyi Chen, University of California, Berkeley

Avery Liou, University of California, Berkeley

Bjoern Hartmann, UC Berkeley

Cyrus Vachha, University of California, Berkeley

Odysseus Pyrinis, University of California Berkeley

Balasaravanan Thoravi Kumaravel, UC Berkeley

Unmaking@CHI: Concretizing the Material and Epistemological Practices of Unmaking in HCI

Samar Sabie, Cornell Tech

Tapan Parikh, Cornell Tech

Eric Paulos, UC Berkeley

Katherine W Song, UC Berkeley

Steven Jackson, Cornell University

Kristina Lindstrom, Malmö University

Åsa Ståhl, Linnaeus University

Dina Sabie, University of Toronto

Kristina Andersen, TU/eindhoven

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Towards Decomposable Interactive Systems: Design of a Backyard-Degradable Wireless Heating Interface

Katherine W Song, Accenture Labs, UC Berkeley

Eric M Gallo, Accenture

Eric Paulos, UC Berkeley

Aditi Maheshwari, Accenture Labs

Andreea Danielescu, Accenture Labs

Understanding Multi-Device Usage Patterns: Physical Device Configurations and Fragmented Workflows

Molly Jane Nicholas, Microsoft Research, UC Berkeley

Ye Yuan, Microsoft Research, University of Minnesota

Nicolai Marquardt, Microsoft Research, University College London

Teddy Seyed, Microsoft Research

Bongshin Lee, Microsoft Research

Jonathan Goldstein, Microsoft Research

Christian Holz, ETH Zürich

Nathalie Riche, Microsoft Research

Hugo Romat, Microsoft

Michel Pahud, Microsoft Research

Rojin Vishkaie, Arizona State University

Ken Hinckley, Microsoft Research

The Eco-Technical Interface: Attuning to the Instrumental

Maya Livio, University of Colorado

Laura Devendorf, University of Colorado Boulder

Sketching Across the Senses: Exploring Sensory Translation as a Generative Practice for Designing Data Representations

Jordan Wirfs-Brock, University of Colorado Boulder

Laura Devendorf, University of Colorado Boulder

Visda Goudarzi, Columbia College Chicago

Brian C Keegan, University of Colorado Boulder

Maxene Graze, Independent Researcher, MURAL

Audrey Desjardins, University of Washington

Mikhaila Friske, University of Colorado Boulder

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Examining Narrative Sonification: Using First-Person Retrospection Methods to Translate Radio Production to Interaction Design

Jordan Wirfs-Brock, University of Colorado Boulder

Laura Devendorf, University of Colorado Boulder

Alli Fam, Marketplace, New Hampshire Public Radio

Brian C Keegan, University of Colorado Boulder

Making Access: Increasing Inclusiveness in Making

Verena Fuchsberger, University of Salzburg

Nathalia Campreguer França, University of Salzburg

Stefanie Wuschitz, Mz Baltazar's Lab

Joanna Kowolik, Happylab

Elisa Giaccardi, Delft University of Technology

Dorothé Smit, University of Salzburg

Barbara Huber, Mz Baltazar's Lab

Georg Regal, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH

Laura Devendorf, University of Colorado Boulder

Ambra Trotto, RISE

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Embr: A Creative Framework for Hand Embroidered Liquid Crystal Textile Displays

Shreyosi Endow, University of Texas at Arlington

Anvay Srivastava, University of Texas at Arlington

Cesar Torres, UT Arlington

Mohammad Abu Nasir Rakib, University of Texas at Arlington

Sara Rastegarpouyani, Savannah College of Art and Design