Jane McGonigal on Cultivating Optimism

08 Apr, 2022

Jane McGonigal on Cultivating Optimism

“Just write a journal entry from this future. It will literally change your brain forever. That future is now forever imaginable to you, and it only took five minutes.“ — Jane McGonigal

McGonigal was interviewed on The Tim Ferriss Show, discussing how to become an expert on your own future and cultivate optimism. In the first half of the show, she shares her viewpoint on the predictions of the COVID pandemic and how that influences our daily life. McGonigal asks how much we can learn from these predictions. McGonigal noticed that future-thinking participants wrote her very early on in the pandmeic before most people were even paying attention to what was going on. They told her ever since the game she hosted, predicting the future, pandemics have just been on their radar it's — "it's like picking up the information faster than other people, noticing the change faster. It's like the game helps them predict the pandemic way early before it truly comes."

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