Pop Mythology Reviews Imaginable

30 Mar, 2022

Pop Mythology Reviews Imaginable

Pop Mythology starts the review of Jane McGonigal's Imaginable with a question - Have the last two to three years completely upended your life and forever transformed not just who you are but the way you see and relate to the very world around you? And the editor supposes many people would come up with the answer YES. The editor regards Imaginable as one of the most important books you could possibly read this year (or any year).

From the review:

Imaginable is the third book written by futurist and game designer Jane McGonigal, whose work I’ve covered before on this site and whom I make no secret of being a big fan of. Her first two books, Reality is Broken and SuperBettter, are also works that I feel are important and deserve a wide audience, but not everyone may be naturally drawn to the subject of games due to certain preconceptions or biases they may have about the topic. However, there is not a person alive for whom the future—the subject of Imaginable—is not an urgently relevant subject unless you are an immortal who exists outside of time.

The editor believes this book can help the audience to develop some skills and strengths, as quoted: "But maybe you’re like me. Maybe you’re someone with the opposite problem. For you, these risks aren’t just abstract concepts but visceral threats that you can feel in your body on a day-to-day basis. This too is a compelling reason why you need to equip yourself with not just risk awareness but also the skills and strengths that can help you meet those risks and challenges in a way that’s beneficial to you, your loved ones, your communities, and ultimately your society."

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