Hannah Zeavin in N+1 Mag

01 Apr, 2022

Hannah Zeavin in N+1 Mag

Hannah Zeavin is featured in N+1 Mag for her article "Unfree Associations," in which she talks about Parasitic Whiteness on and off the couch.

From the article:

On May 27, 2021, Donald Moss, a New York psychoanalyst, published an article titled “On Having Whiteness” in the Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association to little immediate fanfare. Rarely, anyway, is a psychoanalytic publication much anticipated these days, even one by a prominent analyst such as Moss, even on such a potentially provocative subject. Barely a week later, Moss began receiving some unusual messages.

The first came from the Federalist, seeking comment for a story by the young right-wing journalist Spencer Lindquist, set to publish June 7. Lindquist had somehow gotten hold of the abstract for “On Having Whiteness.” Moss, hoping to correct some misinterpretations in the commentary Lindquist previewed for him, spoke on the record before anyone could advise him not to engage. By June 8, the Federalist’s hot take on Moss’s article began to go viral. I was made aware of this like everyone else: by screenshot after screenshot of the abstract appearing on my Twitter feed. I scrolled with my phone under the table at dinner.

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