BCNM at SCMS 2022

30 Mar, 2022

BCNM at SCMS 2022

It was great to see so many BCNM students, faculty, and alumni at the Society for Cinema and Media Studies 2022 annual conference! The Society for Cinema and Media Studies is the leading scholarly organization in the United States dedicated to promoting a broad understanding of film, television, and related media through research and teaching grounded in the contemporary humanities tradition.

Congrats to all who presented!

Harry Burson • "Immersive Networks: Dolby Atmos and the Sensation of Ubiquity" in Embodied/Disembodied Technologies.
Tory Jeffay • "“The Dumb Witness”: Disability and the Origins of Motion Picture Evidence in Court" in The Missing Reel Disability and the Archive
Kaitlin Forcier • "The Never Ending Image: The Expansive Logic of Art and AI" in Truth and Memory in Cinematic Art Spaces
Julia Irwin • "ImageNet, the New York Public Library’s Picture Collection, and an Unclassifiable Database Aesthetics" in Alternate Historiographies and Speculative Futures
Hannah Zeavin • "No Touching: Intimacy, Boundary, and Media" in Me / Not Media
Kris Paulsen • Ohio State University • "Virtual Surrender" in fugues, dérives, and escapes in cinema
and experimental media
Renée Pastel • Boston College • Truth in Fiction? A Serial View of History from The Loudest Voice and Bombshell" in Taking History Serially Post-Truth Historical Period Television
Bo Ruberg • University of California, Irvine • "Trans Game Studies" in Transing Cinema and Media Studies
Kris Fallon • University of California, Davis • "Authentically Me: Biometric Identity for Self and State" in Policing, Surveillance, Media, and the State