HTNM Video Now Online: Yásnaya Aguilar Gil

18 Feb, 2022

HTNM Video Now Online: Yásnaya Aguilar Gil

You can now watch the amazing discussion from our History and Theory of New Media lecture series as part of our Indigenous Technologies Initiative!

Yásnaya Elena Aguilar Gil:Linguist, writer, translator, language rights activist and researcher ayuujk (mixe)

Introduced and moderated by Natalia Brizuela and Alex Saum-Pascual

Presented in partnership with the Center for Latin American Studies. Co-sponsored by Alianza UCMX, Spanish & Portuguese, the Arts Research Center, and and The American Indian Graduate Program.

It is a myth of the West’s choosing: perpetual economic growth, advancing through a digestive system of sorts, one that uses technology as one of its core components. In its churn, ecosystems became goods; people, mere consumers. The myth turned the world into a place increasingly inhospitable to human life. An alternative, offered by Abya Yala, lies in separating economic development and the development of new technologies from consumerism. This would place technological creation and ingenuity once again at the service of the common good, not of the market. Technology as tequio; technological creation and innovation as a common good.

Check it out below!