Hannah Zeavin Interviews Hannah Black

11 Feb, 2022

Hannah Zeavin Interviews Hannah Black

Hannah Zeavin interviews Hannah Black on her novella addressing the pandemic, anti-police riots, love, and aliens, Tuesday or September or the End (Capricious) in Bomb magazine.

From Hannah:

The recent past was and is “a time of signs and wonders” in the most horrific sense, but Black tethers it to mundane continuity, an account of life in late-stage capital as time breaks down and goes “queasy and wrong” and all dates are “in retrospect, a monument.” Via a propulsive consideration of how the riots of 2020 might have turned revolutionary, Black offers a meditation on collective life. This crucial novella is about how we might know who we are when our normal referents are muted, deleted, upended.

Read the full interview here.