Gossypiin Featured on BookRiot

02 Feb, 2022

Gossypiin Featured on BookRiot

With Black History Month and National Poetry Month just around the corner, Erika Hardison features Ra Malika Imhotep's 'Gossypiin' on BookRiot as one of the poetry books that capture the black experience. She recommends nine poetry books in total.

According to her descriptions on 'Gossypiin' by Ra Malika Imhotep:

"Gossypium Herbeceum is also known as Cotton Root Bark was a plant that enslaved women used to use to help induce labor and end unwanted pregnancies. It was even used for aches and pains that were a result of reproductive issues. Ra Malika Imhotep creates poetry from stories from personal and hearsay perspectives, family secrets as well as stories from others. This book of poetry is a mix of Black feminist theory and storytelling that reveals the most vulnerable parts of Black womanhood."

Visit here for the full book list.