Publisher's Weekly Review of Imaginable

31 Jan, 2022

Publisher's Weekly Review of Imaginable

Publisher's Weekly reviewed Jane McGonigal's 'Imaginable: How to See the Future Coming and Feel Ready—Even Things That Seem Impossible Today', out in March. The book delivers an illuminating look at how imagining the future can help to change one’s own life while making a difference in the world. Her tips for how to predict what the world will be like 10 years from now include looking for “signals of change,” such as the posting of “No Drone Zone” signs and the emergence of “dark rooms” where people on the autism spectrum can manage sensory overload in airports and other public places. Focusing on signals that are of personal interest helps to make the practice “even more meaningful,” according to McGonigal, and allows one to help society move forward on such issues as racial injustice, global warming, and economic inequality. Throughout, McGonigal draws from her experiences running simulations designed to predict how people might react to “unimaginable” events, including the 2008 simulation she led for the Institute for the Future that accurately predicted many aspects of the Covid-19 pandemic, including resistance to mask-wearing and the “superspreading risks” posed by religious services, weddings, and funerals. Expertly blending practical advice and big-picture thinking, this is a stimulating guide to preparing for the future. Readers will be inspired to put their imaginations to use.

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