Alex Saum-Pascual in Texts of Discomfort

03 Jan, 2022

Alex Saum-Pascual in Texts of Discomfort

Alex Saum-Pascual's electronic literature appears in the new anthology Texts of Discomfort, edited by María Cecilia Reyes and James Pope. From the blurb:

Can discomfort be blissful? This volume presents an in-depth reflection of the selected artworks for the Art Exhibition of the 13th International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling – ICIDS 2020 – organized at Bournemouth University – UK, during the most memorable year of the XXI century (so far). The title of the book is the homonym of the curatorial theme of the exhibition Texts of Discomfort. In these pages, interactive storytellers explain their work and the ways discomfort – and bliss – is rooted in their art.

Check it out, freely available online!