Announcing Our 2021 Undergraduate Cohort

12 Dec, 2021

Announcing Our 2021 Undergraduate Cohort

Please join us in welcoming our 2020 cohort of Undergraduate Certificate in New Media students! Our incoming cohort studies Computer Science, Comparative Literature, Math, English, Art Practice, Cognitive Science, and more!

Anaya Crouch

Anaya is an Art Practice major working in a multitude of media, ranging from video game developed to animated film production and advertising. Anaya is interested in utilizing art and technology to promote cognitive learning. Anaya has served as the Lead Art Developer and Animator for Gameheads Game Development for HighSidin': Hyphy Edition.

Isabel Guerrero

A self-taught marketer and designer, Isabel is a Media Studies major looking to complement her studies with the latest advances in the field. Isabel has worked extensively in marketing for the UC Berkeley Reentry Students Program and the Cal Student Store,and is pursuing a Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Technology.

Shaoye Huang

Shaoye Huang is an Art practice major student who is interested in learning and seeking ways to integrate new media and technology into fashion. He is amazed by the visual impact that technology, VR, and CGI have on the fashion industry. He is an image-driven practicing artist who primarily works with photography, videography, and graphic design. Through this program, Shaoye wants to combine what he already knew and what he will learn in the program to explore his creative potential and produce more innovative works.

Darya Kaviani

Darya is an EECS major minoring in Ethnic Studies, joining BCNM to centralize the human impact of the technology and media we design. Darya is an undergraduate research assistant at the UC Berkeley School of Information, advised by Professor Niloufar Salehi, with research interests in HCI, social computing, and the design and evaluation of technologies that reclaim the agency of underserved groups, build community resilience, and fortify social movements. Darya's first-authored paper with Professor Salehi was accepted to CSCW 2022 and is titled Bridging Action Frames: Instagram Infographics in U.S. Ethnic Movements. It is a comparative work that evaluates the impact of the recent wave of activism Instagram infographics on ethnic movements by juxtaposing the insights of activists of the past and present and data scraping Black Lives Matter’s Instagram content. The paper unveils the vitality of evaluating digital activism action frames at the movement integration level, exemplifies the powerful coexistence of collective and connective action, and offers meaningful design implications for activists. Darya is also working on Sparring with Scale: How Mutual Aid Groups Grapple with the Tensions Between Values and Scale, in which they explore how mutual aid groups must balance scalable technologies with value-based decision-making. Previously, Darya collaborated with UNICEF to manage and develop Satchel, a decentralized web application that leverages a crowdfunding framework to bank underbanked communities.

Karina Le

Originally from Eastern Ukraine, Karina is a senior at UC Berkeley, studying Data Science, Public Policy, and Sustainable Design. She is curious about ways computer vision can extend open-source investigations practice when working with visual materials, geospatial data, witness testimonials, urban conflict, satellite imagery, legal implications, and objects of violence in war crimes and crimes against humanity. Her most recent work in visual forensics includes the collaboration with AP and SITU Research on 2021 Gaza strikes and Myanmar's military coup. She is currently practicing design with the New York Times, visual investigations at Human Rights Center, and academic research in Barsky's Computer Vision Lab. Karina is very excited to join BCNM to further her research interests and learn a lot from this multidisciplinary community!

Fiona Oh

Fiona is a double major in Molecular and Cell Biology and Film Studies. Fiona has been a DeCal instructor for a course on genetics and ethics for several semesters, exploring the interconnectedness of science and how it is understood by the public. She has become interested in science communication and the portrayal of genetics in the media, particularly with regards to the COVID-19 crisis. She has also taught mobile app development and has served as a research assistant at the Cardiovascular Research Institute.

Annie Pan

Annie, a Business Administration and Interdisciplinary Studies major, merges her love for art and design with her interest in technology to support the social good. Prior to college, she diesnged a mobile app to track Methylmercury contamination, a device to help the visually impaired identify text on food and medicine labels, and an education platform for underprivileged students. Annie hopes to further explore how digital and tangible interfaces contribute to social impact, especially in the field of mental health. She has interned at Oracle, Twitch, and the Boston Consulting Group, among others.

Annie Sheinberg

Annie Sheinberg, an American Studies major, investigates race and public policy from a variety of perspectives. The new media certificate will allow Annie to view these issues through the lens of our technological landscape. Annie has taken courses on Privacy in the Digital Age and the influence of new media on the 2020 Election.

Tyler Wesson

Tyler Wesson, a Media Studies major, hopes to become a product/UX/UI designer and is looking forward to applying skills in illustration and graphic design in new modes. Tyler is taking Critical Practices.

Darice Wong

Darice Wong is a junior at Cal double majoring in Political Science and Media Studies. She is fascinated by innovative storytelling and the politics of representation within design, technology, and the creative arts. Currently, Darice works as an undergraduate researcher within Professor Clancy Wilmott's studio.geo-?, an experimental mapping studio that provides cartographic assistance and other media services for community partners.