Asma Kazmi in Suspended Matter

21 Nov, 2021

Asma Kazmi in Suspended Matter

Art by Asma Kazmi

Asma Kazmi is a featured artist in the Suspended Matter exhibit at the Berkeley Arts Center. Kazmi is a research-based artist who combines virtual and material objects to explore simultaneity. Her work involves long-term engagement with cities, architecture, plants, animals, stones, and other matters to locate vestiges of relations forged by the legacies of colonialism and post-colonial contexts. She is currently an assistant professor in the Department of Art Practice and the Berkeley Center for New Media at UC Berkeley. Suspended Matter takes place from now until Jan. 15, 2022.

From the exhibition website:

Berkeley Art Center presents Suspended Matter, a group exhibition curated by Patricia Cariño Valdez and featuring four Bay Area artists, Julia Goodman, Asma Kazmi, Laura Arminda Kingsley, and Jenifer K Wofford. The exhibition borrows its title from the event of a disruption in the environment — such as erosion or flooding due to rainfall — that mixes together detritus and particles, creating a new composition of matter that doesn’t dissolve. Suspended Matter refracts our contemporary moment, examining the sentiments and materiality of these unsettled times. Through sculpture, video, photography, and paintings, the artists consider the intimate connections with ourselves, others, and the domestic objects that shape our surroundings.

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