Grace Gipson on Shang-Chi

02 Oct, 2021

Grace Gipson on Shang-Chi

BCNM alum Grace Gipson features in CNN Entertainment's "Inside Shang-Chi's evolution from forgotten comic book character to big-screen superhero" to discuss the role of racial stereotypes in the creation of Shang Chi as a comic book character.

From the article:

Gipson, the pop culture scholar who studies race and gender within comics, said hiring writers of color like Yang to helm series about characters of color is an improvement, but it "is really not a hard task." She said while comics creators have made great strides in deconstructing norms of who a comic book reader is and what storylines they want to see, the hiring of creators of color needs to happen consistently.

"It's about making sure the voices of those being represented always have a seat at the table as well as a microphone to speak," she told CNN.

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