Edgar Fabian Frias Speaks to Bunny Michaels about Queer Ancestors

02 Sep, 2021

Edgar Fabian Frias Speaks to Bunny Michaels about Queer Ancestors

BCNM graduate student Edgar Fabián Frías and Bunny Michael speak on their connection to their ancestors, family's lineages, and their queer, trans & gender-variant ancestors in "Right Here is The Bliss". The conversation with Bunny Michaels is part of Edgar's Queer, Trans & Gender Variant Ancestors Project.

From the conversation:

It's a grounding message: What are those things that bring you peace to yourself and the present moment? I think you brought up the word "grounding", and I know that other dimensions, magic work, altered states, can feel really destabilizing, so there's something that is so grounding and stable about the present moment, about your breath, about feeling the sensations of your body. There are so many ways that that can feel very peaceful - just to be with that. That is such a wonderful invitation too, for anyone that is listening, to really find a way to connect with yourself. Something I really appreciated about your (Bunny's) practice is reflecting on those voices when they show up in moments of peace and calm. Those moments of space when we can really hear some of these voices that we have within and be with them. That's something I really appreciate about your work. You invite us to be with ourselves, with the different parts of ourselves.

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