Edgar Fabian Frias Speaks to Michael Espinoza about Queer Ancestors

01 Sep, 2021

Edgar Fabian Frias Speaks to Michael Espinoza about Queer Ancestors

BCNM graduate student Edgar Fabián Frías recently spoke with Michael Espinoza about ancestors and identity as part of his Queer, Trans & Gender Variant Ancestors Project. In their conversation, Edgar and Michael discuss queer identity, cultural heritage and more!

From Edgar in the video:

I really appreciate you (Michael) bringing the word trauma in and this fragmentation and isolation it has brought into this world, that definitely has affected that relationship with ancestors. I really think that is why we are feeling so cold as being who are entering the healing realm, who are needing healing also, to reconnect to bring ourselves out of that isolation. There have been so many ancestors who have been wanting to connect, who have been sending messages. There are so many ways that they are trying to get our attention, to listen, to receive. There is something so powerful in this fragmentation that we've experienced as a community to really weave back together those bonds, those relationships. As you were saying, that weaving, that connecting, that receiving of a relationship is so powerful, and that healing goes in many different ways. It's a really beautiful holographic healing that starts to happen where we receive healing, we offer healing, and it becomes this gorgeous organism.

Learn more about Edgar's Queer, Trans & Gender Varient Ancestors Project here!

Watch the video below or on youtube here!