Hannah Zeavin on LitHub's Seven Questions

27 Aug, 2021

Hannah Zeavin on LitHub's Seven Questions

Hannah Zeavin participated in LitHub's 5 Questions with Alexandra Kleeman, JoAnna Novak, Andrew Palmer, and Rafia Zakaria. The Lit Hub Author Questionnaire is a monthly interview featuring seven questions for five authors with new books. Hannah recently published The Distance Cure: A History of Teletherapy.

From the interview:

Without explaining why and without naming other authors or books, can you discuss the various influences on your book?

Hannah Zeavin: A lot of time on America Online as a kid, working on a hotline more recently, doom scrolling, poets (and less so, poetry), my families of origin and my families of affinity, my teachers, and my students.

Read the whole questionnaire here!