Edgar Fabián Frías and Rainbow Visions at ESMOA

23 Aug, 2021

Edgar Fabián Frías and Rainbow Visions at ESMOA

BCNM graduate student Edgar Fabián Frías speaks on creative ingenuity and reframing traditional ways of thinking with ESMoA in the live event Rainbow Visions Prismatic Beings. Edgar is a nonbinary, queer, indigenous (Wixárika), Latinx, and Brown, multidisciplinary artist, curator, educator, and psychotherapist working in photography, video, art, sound, sculpture, and more. Their art seeks to alter states of awareness through the creation of temorary sanctuaries that act as conduits for respite, empathy, self-reflection, humor, and curiosity.

From Edgar at the event:

"I feel throughout my life, through the blessing and many gifts of gender expansive queer magick, that I've been able to witness, experience, and live other realities. Some things that I have learned, and I hope we can share with each other: One is that we all have Rainbow Vision; we're all able to really tap in to the prismatic magick of this universe and that of course we are all Prismatic Beings...

In the West, I definitely feel that there are also many people thinking about the expansiveness of consciousness, and I wanted to highlight one modality I've connected with known as internal family systems. They see us as being a multiplicity of consciousness. So we're not just one consciousness. There are many parts of us, and one of the parts we've talked about are managers. Our managers are the part of us that helps us pay our bills and wake up on time and make sure our homework is turned in. We also have many other parts though that are not managers. We have playful parts that want to hide. One thing I like about this modality is that it really talks about no part is a bad part. We really want to embrace all parts of the self."

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