Ken Goldberg on Insights Robotics

20 Jul, 2021

Ken Goldberg on Insights Robotics

Ken Goldberg recently featured in an interview with RoboGlobal Insights alongside the CEO of Ambi Robotics, Jim Liefer, to discuss the role of robots in the e-commerce supply chain. Ken, a Professor of Engineering at Berkeley, also serves as the Chief Scientist of Ambi Robotics, a robotics company specializing in robotic dexterity.

From the interview:

This year, because of the COVID-19 conditions, e-commerce have a huge increase, huge search. And this is for obvious reasons. But what everyone believes is that this is not going to subside. That once people have understood the power and the convenience of e-commerce, that they're going to... They've fallen into new habits.

Now, the challenge is how do we actually meet that demand? This is a typical scene that is going on as we speak in warehouses and logistics environments around the country and around the world. It's very important to realize that this is currently a very human centric set of operations. Humans are essential for what you see here, which is manipulating the packages with all the variety of shapes and sizes and complexity that they have. This has been elusive for automation. And it's particularly been tricky now because of COVID-19, because now there's been a shortage of workers because of the virus, also need for distancing in warehouses that wasn't anticipated earlier. So there's a real anticipation, a real push for automation here.

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