Ken Goldberg on Robots and Creativity

10 Jul, 2021

Ken Goldberg on Robots and Creativity

Can a robot, fueled by artificial intelligence, be creative? BCNM's Ken Goldberg speaks on a computer's ability to be creative, and how it differs from creativity in humans in the article, Robots Can't Dance. From what working with robots has taught him about being human to an example of a creativity algorithim, Ken provides deep insight on what creativity means in the context of robotics and artifical intelligence.

From the article:

Can robots help humans be more creative?

That happens every day. All the new tools for making movies and making music have been enormously beneficial for creativity. And computers and robots are relieving us of tedious tasks like handling documents and filing. That allows us to spend more of our time being creative. Think of the time you would spend doing research for a book, going to the library, digging up information, walking through the stacks and finding out that the perfect book is gone, somebody else has taken it. Now you have access to all this information at your fingertips. Dozens of times when I thought I had a new idea I would go on the Internet and probe around only to find that somebody else had exactly the same idea and did it. I save myself all the trouble of trying to be creative with some thing that somebody has already done. And that frees me up to spend my creative energy on something else.

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