Ken Goldberg on Soft Robotics Podcast

19 Jun, 2021

Ken Goldberg on Soft Robotics Podcast

BCNM affiliate Ken Goldberg was recently featured on the Soft Robotics Podcast, where he discussed the future of robotics, his career trajectory, robotic design, and many other fascinating topics. He also discussed self-driving cars and the process of publishing research.

Ken Goldberg supervises research in Robotics and Automation. Ken holds dual degrees in Electrical Engineering and Economics from the University of Pennsylvania (1984) and a PhD from Carnegie Mellon University (1990). He joined the UC Berkeley faculty in 1995 and is Professor of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, with secondary appointments in EECS, the School of Information, Art Practice, and the UCSF Dept of Radiation Oncology. Ken and his co-authors have published over 300 peer-reviewed technical papers on algorithms for robotics, automation, and social information filtering, and he holds ten U.S. patents.

From the episode:

I'm a very big fan of what's called evolutionary research, so I think the best thing to do is to publish an early work when it's still in progress, put it out there and get feedback on it. Partly, there's two reasons. One is that the process of writing up experiments and research is in it's own sense very constructive to your own thinking about how the research goes. So we start writing papers very early in projects in my lab..I encourage students, start writing it up.

Interested in what you've read? Listen to the full podcast here!