Trevor Paglen on The Quarantine Tapes

27 May, 2021

Trevor Paglen on The Quarantine Tapes

What does it mean to arrive at a moment in history when we can build computer vision systems, build artificial intelligence systems, that look at images that we post on the internet? BCNM alumni Trevor Paglen appears on The Quarantine Tapes to provide some insight on this question while also discussing topics such as the proliferation of algorithims and computer vision, Walter Benjamin, the influence of the pandemic on the meaning of images, and more.

From the podcast:

"We can see this presence of artifical intelligence in systems built to monitor the students attention. We are seeing this in commercial applications that try to, for example, use cameras in smart televisions to try to determine from the expressions on your face whether you are enjoying watching the television or whatever kind of products you are responding to. These are the kinds of things we are encountering widespread. It is a bit worrisome."

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