Celeste Kidd on the Ethics of AI

08 May, 2021

Celeste Kidd on the Ethics of AI

Celeste Kidd talked on a Rethinking Economics panel about the governance, ethics, and bias of Artifical Intelligience and other similar technologies. She,along with other thinkers, such as Kay Firth-Butterfield and Renée Cummings, spoke abouth the future implications of AI. Kidd is a Professor of Pyschology here at Berkeley, and her research primarily delves into the pyschology of childhood development.

The interview addressed questions such as: What do these terms [governance, ethics, and bias] mean in the context of AI and other disruptive technologies, and how do they relate to criminology (juridical system), psychology (belief formation), and economics (assumptions)? How does all this relate to social media and how is AI affecting inequality? Why is diversity and inclusivity so important in data-science and society more generally?

This talk is particuarly fascinating to those interested in the intersections of science, technology, and society.

Watch the full video here!