Hannah Zeavin on Therapy Apps in KQED

14 Apr, 2021

Hannah Zeavin on Therapy Apps in KQED

Hannah Zeavin, the author of the forthcoming "The Distance Cure: A History of Teletherapy", was invited as a guest in KQED's forum on Apr.6th. In the forum, Molly Fischer, features writer for The Cut at New York Magazine, and Adrian Aguilera, the clinical psychologist and associate professor at UC Berkeley, discuss with Hannah the rise mobile app therapy.

Therapists have been in high demand during the pandemic after shifting services online. But with no licensed psychologists in 33 percent of counties nationwide, the demand can outstrip supply. This situation has set the stage for a growing interest in smartphone services offering mental-health care. Startups offering digital behavioral health were able to raise $1.8 billion in funding in 2020, compared to $609 million the year before. But can they live up to their promise?

To listen to the full forum, please visit here.