Announcing the 2020 Eugene Jarvis Recipient

04 Apr, 2021

Announcing the 2020 Eugene Jarvis Recipient

The Eugene Jarvis scholarship hopes to promote fearless innovation at UC Berkeley. Recognizing that education has become increasingly expensive and that students as a result are motivated to make educational decisions based on future job prospects, the Silicon Valley game designer and entrepreneur seeks to promote intellectual exploration through a scholarship that supports students with innovative design projects at the Center for New Media who show financial need.

In 2020, the Eugene Jarvis Scholarship in Media Innovation was awarded to Emily Xia Que. Emily is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture in the College of Environmental Design, with a minor in Sustainable Design. With a passion for creative work, Emily is involved in graphic design, photography, and video production, in addition to new media prototyping and engineering.

The Eugene Jarvis Scholarship is supported by the Ruth Johnson Scholarship Match Program, which provides a dollar for dollar match for gifts to new endowed scholarships. This match was made possible through the bequest of Ruth Johnson, who graduate with honors from UC Berkeley in 1938. She completed graduate work and obtained her teaching credential the following year. She taught French and Spanish in public high schools for 30 years. Ruth survived her husband Milton, a U.S. Army Veteran. During their marriage the Johnsons lived in a number of places in the US and Japan. Ruth was motivated to benefit undergraduate students with scholarships when she learned about the increasing difficulty many students had paying for their Berkeley education – something she treasured throughout her life.