Ken Goldberg in Conversation with Cade Metz of the NYT

03 Apr, 2021

Ken Goldberg in Conversation with Cade Metz of the NYT

Ken Goldberg speaks with Cade Metz, a leading journalist in the field of aritificial intelligence, on Metz' book "Genius Makers" and other perspectives. Goldberg and Metz converse about the unique birth story of artifical intelligence, what the future holds for artificial intelligence, how artificial intelligence goes beyond academics, the iconic AlphaGo versus Lee Sedol match, and more.

From the talk:

"The notion that you can take a lot of these same ideas and apply them to all sorts of robotics whether it's robots in the warehouse that is something that is really in demand right now amidst this pandemic and for the future where you have to get all this stuff into a warehouse and then ship it back out. Right now we don't have enough people to do all that. There's real demand for machines that can do that. The way it started to work is you can apply these ideas like a neural network and reinforcement learning to essentially allow the systems to train themselves to do this task. It's an important area. Of course all sorts of robotics: self-driving cars, self-flying drones. All these ideas play into that but again it's worth looking a lot of this with some skepticism as well. There's been so much progress but we still dont' have self-driving cars despite all the claims of the past 10 years and I think there's again a real danger to overhyping these things. Let's think about where this works and where it doesn't." (Metz)

Check out the full conversation on Youtube here!