86 Things Exhibition from Neyran Turan's Nemestudio

16 Mar, 2021

86 Things Exhibition from Neyran Turan's Nemestudio

BCNM professor Neyran Turan's architectural practice, NEMESTUDIO, will have its "86 Things" exhibition on display at the University of Arkansas through May 14!

From the University of Arkansas' description of the exhibition:

There are 86 things in this exhibition: 33 drawings, 14 podiums, eight models, six videos, two backdrops, three photoshoot lights, two dollies, one ladder, one water bottle, five headphones, three wooden boards and eight wooden pieces. The drawings are presented through a backdrop, the models are in a photoshoot, and the exhibition itself is a construction site.

Through its flipping of the foreground and the background in its presentation, "86 Things" is a space of architecture's own making, assembly and unmaking. On the one hand, it disassembles the making of architecture and reassembles it as a staged event. On the other, while exhausting specific procedures of architectural work, it presents architecture somewhere in between representation and construction.

Read the entire article about the exhibition here!