Asma Kazmi at Diasporic Rhizome

15 Mar, 2021

Asma Kazmi at Diasporic Rhizome

BCNM's Asma Kazmi will be showcasing her project "Building the City of Exiles" at Diasporic Rhizome, a virtual exhibition showcasing art through a South Asian diasporic lens. Check it out!

From the exhibition's description:

Diasporic Rhizome is a virtual exhibition that explores how the future of our present - one that derives from our past - manifests itself through a South Asian lens. The concept of ‘diaspora’ itself is constantly evolving and mutating and in an effort to be as inclusive as possible, the exhibition leaves the agency of belonging to the South Asian diaspora to the artist’s own understanding of the concept. The rhizome serves as the catalyst for artists to create their own narratives and imagine new worlds. Similar to nature, where rhizomes that live just under the surface can heal our bodies, this network of artists are creating work in non-traditional spaces that have the potential to collectively reshape our futures.

Check out Kazmi's art and the other pieces in the exhibition here!