Alum Kris Fallon Now Associate Professor

14 Feb, 2021

Alum Kris Fallon Now Associate Professor

Congratulations to BCNM alum Kris Fallon for his promotion to Associate Professor of Cinema and Digital Media at UC Davis!

Kris Fallon is a film and digital media scholar with research focused on non-fiction visual culture across a range of platforms, from still photography to data visualization. His essays on digital technology and documentary have been featured in Film Quarterly and Screen, and he is currently working on his book Where Truth Lies: Digital Culture and Documentary Film After 9/11.

This semester, Kris is teaching two classes in the Technocultural Studies Department: Media Subcultures and Community Networks. Media Subcultures investigates the relationships between subcultural groups and media technologies while Community Networks explores the impact and implications of computer-based networks in community, civic and social life.

Again, a big congratulations to Kris for his promotion!