Jen Schradie Publishes on COVID in France

01 Feb, 2021

Jen Schradie Publishes on COVID in France

BCNM alum Jen Schradie published a paper at Sciences Po on the COVID-19 pandemic and how it is unfolding in France with Emanuele Ferragina, Marta Pasqualini, Ettore Recchi, Mirna Safi, Nicolas Sauger, Katharina Tittel, and Andrew Zola.

From the paper abstract, roughly translated to English:

In early 2020, the idea of ​​a global pandemic was foreign to most of us. And, of course, the principle of confinement was even further away from us. But this year's record of Covid-19 remains marked by the fact that many governments around the world have issued home exit bans and other restrictive measures. In France, people now have the experience of two national lockdowns. The spring one, which lasted two months, was strict with the closure of schools, the limitation of access to open public spaces and the closure of most workplaces. Fall lockdown, the second of the year, was more flexible, with schools and businesses mostly staying open. But for the two confinements, everyone in France had to provide a sworn certificate to carry out essential outings. Public meetings, bars and restaurants also remained closed.

This policy brief analyzes how the French population has gone through this year, by comparing the experiences of the first and second confinement, through the prism of the issue of inequalities. As for the other Policy briefs in this series, we use the explanatory capacity of repeated surveys of the same people who are all part of the French longitudinal panel ELIPSS.

Read the paper here!